Aluminum fences have a sleek appearance, are solid, lightweight and easy to install. They are ideal for creating visually attractive gardens. BTS fence models will add value to your properties with large selection. In short, the aluminum fences can be assembled entirely according to your wishes. Aluminum fences are a modern and sustainable solution for property boundaries. F76 model has aluminium post in 76x76 mm (3”) with strong design. It’s connected to the slab with base connector which has sturdy design. You have possibility to use 8 mm glass between panel pro les. Due to it’s sturdy design, you can install these posts up to 200 cm height from the ground.

  • 76x76 mm Aluminium post
  • Glass combination is available
  • Screws are not visible
  • Simple, clean and stylish lines
  • Strong, light and rust free
  • Easy do-it-yourself assembly

Aluminium Garden Fence